Meaning of Life – Existential Questions

Life is not making a living, but designing your life

Every problem is a challenge and an opportunity to learn. Do you accept it or leave it?

The meaning of life is a philosophical subject and can be interpreted in many ways. If you ask many people the answers can be classified on a META-level. Look at the existential questions section for the elements and some questions to explore your meaning in life. Using metaphors from nature can be powerful and inspirational for creating a mission or identity.

Having a personal Mission helps setting the course of your life. To help formulate a personal mission statement based on values, qualities and talents visit the Missionbuilder (from Franklin Covey).

Another way to positively investigate possibilities within an organization is by the method’s and interviewing techniques of Appreciative Inquiry.

Manifestation Formula
The Manifestation formula is build up as follows:
Purpose +
Thought +
Vision +
Affirmation +
Feeling +
Writing in Time and Space +
Action with Energy on Matter +
Gratitude +
Perseverance =

[Twelve secrets for manifesting your vision, inspiration & purpose: how to make your dreams come true, 1999, by Dr. D. Richard Bellamy]

Meaningful Life
The meaning of life and meaning can be broken down to the following elements:

  1. Relationships; involvement with family, partner or friends.
  2. Work; commitment with a job, school or primary occupation.
  3. Personal well-being; an individualistic orientation with emphasis on experiencing meaning by enjoyment of life, having fun, and maintaining physical and mental health.
  4. Self-realization; an orientation on- and reaching of tangible or non-tangible goals and psychological skills.
  5. Helpfulness; an altruistic orientation on helping people in general.
  6. Faith; dedication and practice of religious-spiritual or social-political beliefs.
  7. Materialism; meaning coming from aiming at materialistic goals and satisfactions.
  8. Future / Hope; focus and expectation.

In essence these above elements should be in balance. Very strong emotions related to one or more of these elements or focused dedication to only one aspect may suggest an imbalance.

Questions to find your meaning in life

    I belong to ….., When I’m with … I…., People who are most important to me are…. because… ,I like … (name person / people) most because …., people like me because…., I classify myself as ….
  2. WORK
    My occupation is…. because…, What I do is…. because …, What I like about it is…, what I dislike about it is…, What is the importance of these activities?… Things I do well are…., In my work I add value to people’s lives by…., My colleagues value me most for….
    I love to …., I’m extremely happy when I…., The nicest thing what could happen to me is…. because…., things I enjoy doing are …., I feel healthy when I …, things that take much of my energy are… and I prefer…..
    I want to ….because….., My goal in life is…., I know I can ….. , the things I want to be remembered for are…., I’m proud of myself when I ….. because…., things I am good at are…., I feel best when I……
    I help …..with…. because….., I gladly give advice to…., people I’d love to help most are …., When I help I feel…., helping others makes me….., I want to be helped with….because….
  6. FAITH
    I believe in…., the best society or system is….because…., when I die …., I have to…because…., I know my belief is valid because…., I trust….because… ,Things that are most important to me are…
    I want to have….because…., if I won the jackpot of the lottery I would…., My most valuable possession is…., My life becomes better if I have ….., the first next big thing to buy is…., If I lost everything I would…. The possession which represents me most is….
    Someday I hope to…., At the end of my life (when I look back) I …., The future holds…., I wish…., I dream about…, My vision is…., In time I will….., If I could change the future I would….because…., If I could change the past…..

Life’s Morality….

In ethics there a three kinds of moral:

  1. Intention of doing (what is the purpose or goal / why?)
  2. Procedure of doing (how or what is the best way of doing it?)
  3. Effect (what are the results of an action?)

Giving meaning to one’s life and reflect upon existence on earth means this individual has awareness of the ability to change perspective.

This Meta-awareness with the necessity to constantly classify and put things in new perspective is essential for learning and growth. This thought-process was initiated by use of the senses. This primary philosophy also creates borders between self, matter, others and world. Being in it’s most enlightened state all this may be experienced as being one.

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