What is a meta-connection?


Meta Connections, Distance and Social Diamond

What is a Social Diamond? Well, first have a look at another social network graphical language elements to be able to understand the diamond pattern.

What are meta connections? Try to guess from the image:

Meta connections are connections to connections. They give the reader more information about connections, for example, how they were created or who is aware of them. Sometime in the future I would explain another type of meta connections: how to show intentions. However, I do not want to complicate things right now.

Social distance d is number of connections between entities

  • distance between me and my friend is 1
  • distance between me and a friend of my friend is 2
  • distance between me and stranger is ∞

However, there can be more distances between two people: how they see it, how others see it, the shortest, the longest, the simplest, the most achievable… It would be enough to use one or two for the moment:

Finally, we can show the social diamond, this one is from real life experience:

Have you been in a similar situation? Sometimes the life would be much easier if “compliant” people would be friends, but it requires the “men in the middle” to connect them…

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