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Exploration and context
The way these texts and pages of my research-process are presented are more or less a logical construction of following thoughts which may help to understand it better. Your personal way of reading or the hyper textual (non-linear) order might be totally different. Feel free to do so. When you read a text or notice a concept that interests or triggers you, you associate that with your previous experiences. Wandering off in your mind and creatively combining new thoughts creating knowledge, or the eureka-experiences as I like to call them. These pages are intentionally multipurpose: to explain concepts, to share experience and especially to inspire and motivate you in finding your life’s goal.

What you do in the context could be a personal way of doing research. For example: I usually play some background music or listen to the radio, eat some fruit, or drink some tea. While reading books I sometimes burn flavored candles or incense. When I see a specific word or concept I think is worth looking at I write it down and frequently look for other references through search-engines on the Internet (in a different browser-window) or I might check a dictionary or encyclopedia. This is a personal context-example for doing research which works for me. Just a comfortable chair might be your necessary context-condition for learning. Use and experiment or at least pay attention to context conditions as long as your senses and curiosity are satisfied….

Tools & Sources for exploration
Life lessons are learned by practice; any mistake you make (or action you classify as mistake) is an opportunity to learn and change habits or behaviors. Sometimes just looking at a situation or position from a different perspective is revealing. Several (science- & labor-) disciplines have techniques for analyzing and solving practical problems. Most disciplines use the conventional systematic approach but creativity- and conceptual solution techniques can also be very resourceful, especially for visualizing unwanted or hidden patterns.

The interaction and communication with others makes it possible to reflect upon personal beliefs through dialogues. The pure content of multi-reflected dialogues (sometimes over several generations) and multi-reflected visions results in the form of wisdom-concepts and ‘general’ rules for life.

Research Procedure
I started my research with the origin of knowledge. With a philosophical basis researching several subjects:
– Education (Learning, E-learning, Open Source education, Information and Communication Technology & higher education)
– Development of a vision
– Spiritual paths
– Classification systems
– Problem-Solving (Models, Techniques, Training & Workshops)
– Communication

The thing most texts have in common is that it is related to empowerment, growth and balance within areas of life. Although some pages are more theoretical and knowledge oriented, I try to keep focused on adding value to you, the reader. Please make suggestions on how to improve this site or give me personal feedback by mail: toine (at)

[NB. Most articles on this blog were originally published in 2001-2002 on]

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