Online Presence and Awareness

Going for an online presence with a steady track record is a bit of a challenge. Personality and entertainment-values aside: When does one reach a new awareness, a new Eureka? Discoveries, innovations and inventions that one did not have before and are now emerging.
Can I really use my Blog as a personal inspiration Journal, subjectively reflecting on external and internal input? Or could it be compared to the Captain’s log (without the personal log) like Jean Luc Picard in Startrek?

Awareness as a whole is a pretty big issue and I have collected and read many books and articles about this subject. Recently I noticed the great overlap of David R. Hawkins‘ work regarding the calibrated consciousness scale (the map of consciousness) using applied kinesiology with the inspiring channelled work of Esther & Jerry Hicks (also featured in the movie ‘The Secret‘ about the Law of Attraction).
Hawkins calles it calibration levels and Esther Hicks called it frequencies or vibrational interpretation (this jargon or terminology is also used in therapeutics and NLP). Eckhart Tolle, author of ‘A New Earth‘, featured on Oprah’s website probably calls it identification with a certain form and at the lower levels (Hawkins Scale: above 200=Truth / below 200= Falshood) identification with the (collective) painbody. Caroline Myss, medical intuitive & author of ‘anatomy of the spirit‘ also identifies the collective tribal energy circuit (First Chakra in eastern terminology). Myss greatest methaphor is the analogy of your bodies energy system with a bank-account and identify where your energy flows. Stop the leaks or you become energetically bankrupt which causes illness in your body. My association when watching Caroline Myss explaining this Energetic Bankaccount concept was with Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ in which he explaines the flow of money of the poor, the middle class and rich people identifying assets (puts money in my pocket, will feed me) and liabilities (takes money out of my pocket, will eat me). The comparison of the importance of educating Financial Literacy and educating personal Energetic Literacy is rather interesting.

Back to awareness: When I meditate using only the Silva Method I am tuned in the Akasha field somewhat (Zero Point Field for scientists but what’s in a name), but when I also use the Heartmath (HeartCoherence) techniques I unlock and release creativity and new potential.
Burt Goldman, an 81 year old (retired) Silva instructor also known as the American Monk created a course named Quantum Jumping where you go to parallel dimensions when meditating using the Silva Method. In Silva you just go to your Lab and you meet your 2 advisors, but what if you just create a board of advisors, a mindteam if you will, and check the outcome in a parallel dimension immediately after your consult or brainstorm. Even if you only imagine it or visualize it: This is very powerful stuff and I haven’t even mentioned ESP or remote viewing.

I am aware that everyone chooses his or her own path in life, but although a skeptical approach is custom when dealing with these claims, one cannot ignore the impact experiences like these ideas have, even if it is just imagination and overwhelming evidence is pure luck according to witnesses. I’d like to end this personal awareness piece positive: Suspend (your thinking) & Hang in There, (free interpretation of Peter Senge’s Presence) and close with the wonderful affirmation:
“Everyday in every way, it is getting better and better!”

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