Online sources for Geeks & Infoworkers

In the past I may have resented the term ‘Geek‘, but since it has become more mainstream I find myself using resources targeted at Geeks and informationworkers.
Here they are:

  • – Shiny Happy Tech News. A very information rich, professionally produced vodcast by Cali Lewis. A must see for Gadget-geeks.
  • – Innovative (Dutch) Lifestyle Magazine. Good news articles and product review vodcasts.
  • – Dutch Bloggers with useful articles about Lifehacking. Working smarter instead of harder. Lifehackers frequently use technology and systems to create shortcuts for redundant or unnecessary tasks in their life.
    More about Lifehacking: and Life Hack (Wikipedia)
  • – Wired Magazine is a strong brand for Geeks both online and offline. Wired reported and maybe even set many trends in the past. Sections include: Cars 2.0, Culture, Entertainment, Gadgets, Gaming, How-To, Med Tech, Multimedia, Politics, Product Reviews, Science, Software, Tech Biz, Tech Jobs, and Dual Perspectives.

And the review Blogs I came across looking for specific articles

  • – Large Technology News and Reviews site divided into categories: Apple, Gadgets, Mobile, Games, Chips, Geek-cetera, Forums and a Shop. also has a weekly podcast.
  • – Geek is chic. The female oriented GeekSugar Tech Community has lots of special interest groups and is following news and gadget trends.
  • – More in-depth reports about media-gadgets, Mobiles and HD-television.
  • – Stuff for smart masses. Gadget webshop selling: T-shirts & apparel, Geek Toys, Gadgets, Home & Office supplies, Computer Stuff, Caffeine & Candy, Electronics, Geek stuff for Kids, and Books.
  • Corporategeek.infoa blog for sharing tips about project management and improving productivity at work, alongside practical advice for business communication and effective presentations.
  • – Info Tech, Reviews for Geeks. Coolest IT, hardware, software news for g33ks!
  • Twittergids Geek Top 100 – 100 Geek twitterers to follow (if you like)

Not really Geek but highly related and interesting to Geeks:

  • – The Social Media Guide. Mashable is the world’s largest blog focused exclusively on Web 2.0 and Social Media news. Mashable reviews new Web sites and services, publishing breaking news on what’s new on the web and offering social media resources and guides.
  • – Ideas worth spreading – Strategic, tactical and practical information in videoformat (and audio) from inspirational leaders in the fields of Technology, Engineering, & Design. Also available trough YouTube and the TED iPhone app.
  • – Popular Dutch Weblog about Web 2.0, social media and interactive marketing.
  • – Tech made simple. Sections: Tips & How-Tos, Guides & Reviews, Fab Websites. Maintained by and targeted at women. (Practical stuff for Geek wannabees)

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