What Do You Want? (Coaching Consultancy Identification)

what-do-you-wantWhat Do You Want?
This is probably the most important question after “How may I be of service to you?” (or variations like “How can I help you?”, “Can I help you?” or “Need something?”)

As a coach my primary role is to clarify my clients challenges. New clients would normally call their challenges problems but during a coaching session I help them understand the impact of positive vocabulary. The question “What do you want?” sounds simple, but often a client really doesn’t know exactly what he or she wants. Frequently underlying values, motives and principles are (partially) unclear to the client. When the underlying motives, sabotages and and set-backs are clarified , resulting in a modified or different coaching-target description during the intake.

What = Descriptive outcome (vision, result or milestone) within a specific context.
Do = All necessary actions involving the move or transformation from the current to the desired situation
You = Identification and personal involvement with the new (desired) goal.
Want = Fulfillment of a specific need based on personal values and experience

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