Update january 2011

updateWorking on a temporary combined page due to heavy traffic and on metamagazine.com
Trying to put all my fragmented old Blog-pages in this open Blog.

My Book-collection of 550+ books is large and heavy on the server so if possible (exporting existing pictures etc) I will link that to the online version of Bookcollector (from Collectorz.com). An old (2008) incomplete booklist is available on LibraryThing.

Things that keep my busy lately:
* Global Economy and financial crisis: we need to develop a sustainable currency, I started with a pilot with time-based currency on tijdruilen.nl ; It needs some additional work on the backend (Cyclos software).
* Publishing my Meta-files and Meta-frameworks as meta-tool or handbook: “Metahandbook: Frames for Life”. What systems and frameworks to include and what not to include…. Selection and narrowing of content is hard.
* Hosting Business – my idea was an automated business model (with Tim Ferris’ 4 hour workweek as reference), but theory and reality don’t match with my specific configuration.
* Hiring a Personal Assistant online for specific tasks, and JV with programmers for certain ideas and tasks.
* MetaLifecoaching: working on a set of tools related to coaching, Life-coaching and more specific Meta-Lifecoaching including Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine using biofeedback-tools.
* Some concerns about use and misuse of social media; which medium to use for what? At the moment I have a very fragmented reality online. I was trying GetGlue for a while with moderate success, but it’s not complete yet since Facebook (and other networks like Hyves) uses it’s own likes… I did activate sharing it on this Blog.
* Reading and studying books related to the Ascension-process and 2012, the Global Shift, consciousness, spirituality, enlightenment etc. Highly Sensitive People (HSP) play a key role regarding sensitivity and intuition.
* Organizing, GTD and LifeHacking (broad sense)

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